Statistics for MySQL  1.1
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Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
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 avgw.cWeighted average
 corr.cPearson correlation coeffient
 gini.ccGini coefficient
 rand_mt.ccGenerate uniformly distributed random number from interval [0,1[
 rand_norm.ccGenerate random number from standard normal distribution
 rownumber.cDetermine row number
 skewness_pop.cPopulation moment coefficient of skewness
 skewness_samp.cSample moment coefficient of skewness
 sqlplugin.ccDaemon plugin
 sqlplugin.hDefinition of structures needed to implement a plugin. sqlstat is implemented as a replication plugin because the interface version number tends to be kept constant
 sqlrand.ccRandom number generation
 sqlrand.hDefinitions for random number generations
 sqlstat.hDefinition of functions for UDFs and plugins
 sqlthread.cFunctions for threading
 sqlthread.hDefinitions needed for using threads and mutexes
 stddevw_pop.cWeighted standard deviation of population
 stddevw_samp.cWeighted standard deviation of sample